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Wi-Fi coverage for your whole house

December 6, 2017

If your home suffers from glitchy Wi-Fi in certain rooms of the house then you need this gadget right now. The Samsung Connect Home mesh Wi-Fi system can extend and disperse your Wi-Fi connection to all corners of the house and eliminate those annoying drops outs and the need to move next to the router to download something. Launched mid-2017, the device also acts as a SmartThings hub connecting all those smart devices such as cameras, appliances, and light bulbs all controllable from your smartphone. This integrates all your devices onto one system so they no longer grapple over the Wi-Fi. A handy tool as homes are becoming more and more invaded by digital devices where their signals clash constantly.

No more awkward strutting around the house to find a connection hotspot, Samsung offers several bundles or single devices depending on household requirements. A three-pack bundle for full coverage in large homes, or a single unit for smaller homes that need the additional coverage. Samsung also offers a Home Connect Pro which offers higher bandwidth for those who require it whoever it only comes individually and not in a bundle.

This device allows homes to modify and cater for specific needs of individual homes and would be helpful in condensing the multiple smart appliances and devices in the home. In today’s world where a Wi-Fi connection is basically the be all and end all, the Connect Home device may be able to restore peace in your home and get rid of those frustrating dead zones.

Is our society becoming too reliant on the internet that we need multiple devices and internet connection to turn our lights on? The existence of a Wi-Fi extender has us questioning our dependency on the internet and frankly, it scares me. But we can dwell on the potentially catastrophic dependency on digital technology another day, let’s just enjoy widespread Wi-Fi coverage in our homes thanks to a little cube.



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