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Why You Need a Lively Digital Profile

November 8, 2017

Everything we post online such as blogs, pictures, and links, contributes to our online reputation. People say having social media is having a fake world. Yet, most professional and successful people would disagree and say is it the new reality.

Social media isn’t a trend. It’s scary to say that it is now a continuing reality of online existence. For marketers, bloggers and anyone else in the media, it’s a necessary tool to carry. If you’re looking to create an online identity in order to gain followers, start a business, become a blogger or simply are interested, then keep reading for a few pointers in starting and improving your profile.

Start a blog or website on your own domain

Many people push towards WordPress as it provides the best back system for codes and design. Although, it can be tricky with basic knowledge of web design.

You’ll need to come up with a domain name and also choose a host that can host your website. This is so people can see that you’ve made the first step and invested time and money into creating a formal profile. Although it’s not all about money, the idea of having clean presentation is key. It will not look professional if you have; www.johnsmith.wordpress.blog.com

Make sure your links work

The next step is to further your website layout by showing you have an eye for detail. This is by making sure all the buttons and hyperlinks work on your website. It will look out of date if you’re hosting a broken link on your professional media profile, not only is it confusing for users trying to learn more about you, it’s also a waste of space and looks lazy.

Link social pages

This seems like a no-brainer, however, make sure you check that your social icons are displayed on the top and bottom of your website header and footer. A lot of millennials look out for these links so they can see how active you are and what reputation you have, especially if it’s a café, clothing or any type of media industry.

Keep it clean

Many designers are taking web design back to the basics with minimalistic designs, simple buttons, and clearer layouts. Websites feature fewer pages, which means less clacking, more scrolling, and more blank space.

Setting up profiles and tweeting articles is easy. However, building your brand to the point where you have a meaningful amount of exposure and influence is a completely different story.

Have relevant content on all profiles

Make sure you post about things that interest you, whether it’s retweeting other people’s content, sharing news stories within your industry or simply updating your status to let others know what you’re up too. Having an active social media set up is more likely to impress an employer if you have a vibrant profile, rather than with a profile that doesn’t match your resume and is out of date.

Make your profile photos consistent across all channels

Recognition is key, especially given how quickly people scroll through their feeds these days. For this reason, by having a consistent profile picture, your chances of having people follow you on different social networks is much higher. If you’re a small business use a high-quality logo image. If you’re a public figure or blogger, feel free to use a high-quality headshot. Remember: High-quality attracts more people as it shows professionalism, leadership, and refinement.

Fill in every field of your bio

When you make a new profile, makes sure you’re filling in all the questions and information. This always looks much better, although it can take some time. When you fill it out try use keywords along the way.

Leaving a field blank is a safe way to come off as unprepared. It’s important that the text in your bio clearly explains who you are or what your business is, and you or the business has to offer.

Add keywords to your profile for SEO

Whatever your objective or industry is, it’s essential that you make yourself discoverable in that field. When people Google or Facebook search ‘organic cafe’, you want your company logo to pop up. This is called Search Engine Optimisation.

By simply adding relevant keywords to your social profiles can go a long way to helping you get higher up the hierarchy.

Firstly, identify the terms people search for the most when they’re reaching or trying to find your business and industry. Keyword tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner can help you with that.

Secondly, insert those keywords into your social media profiles. These terms should show in your LinkedIn job title, job description, and skills. It should appear in your bio, in photo captions, experience, and just about all categories that aren’t your name. However, make sure you use them in your bios in a way that’s logical or else you’ll look a little obsessive.

Which social media platforms

Being a business owner, it can become a little frustrating and overwhelming when being introduced to the social media world. With so many platforms, it seems unbearable to find the time to get your strategy up and running. Some people think their business does not need social media, however, there are two that are an absolute must.

Facebook is a must. These days it’s a necessity, in order to sign up for other platforms you must have a Facebook profile page.

Second, most importantly, if you have a physical store you must have a Google My Business page. If not, at least Google+ is a great place to start. Make sure that the information on your profile is always correct. Update anytime you change your hours, address, etc.

Other profiles such as Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn are all expected for large commercial brands. No wonder people pay big must to have people run these accounts daily.



Charlotte refers to herself as a digital student with a competitive edge. Charlotte's passion for digital marketing keeps her motivated and continuously learning.

Currently, working as an SEO assistant, improving data and website services for customers by using advanced analytics, managing keywords, creating written content and keeping local search engines up to date.

Say hi, charlotthompson

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