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Unlocking Decking Potential

July 31, 2023

It’s easy to see why the popularity of wooden flooring and decking continues to grow right across Australia.

It could be that it brings a connection to Mother Nature that is only possible with the beauty of timber. It could be that you can have a range of different shades of timber to suit your personal taste. It could even be that it brings a special character, charm and aesthetic to your home – or a combination of them all.

When you create that special look that wooden flooring or the best in decking brings to your own home, you have a powerful asset in your hands.

The most important thing after installing your new floor or deck is to keep it in the best possible condition.

How to keep your timber looking its best

dark timber stainThe key to maintaining your timber flooring is to treat it with care and give it the attention it deserves. That means that the type of timber you choose needs to have the most appropriate timber oil to bring out all its qualities.

The longevity of your wood is a journey that begins by treating it with a quality timber floor cleaner to remove any impurities. Without this fundamental step, you risk leaving your timber vulnerable to damage and the possibility of rot.

There are some oils that only act on the surface, whereas a high-grade oil will penetrate deep into the pores of the wood and combine with the wood fibre. This gives you the ability to enhance the look and feel of your flooring in the best possible way.

You can then reapply this special protection and enhancement at regular intervals to keep your wood looking its best and ensure that it lasts for years to come.

The special thing about timber flooring

There is something unique about having a timber floor. The main advantage is that you have a floor that will never go out of style. Unlike carpets and rugs, there is no fashion change that will render your timber flooring obsolete or look like something from another era.

The other benefit is that you can add another level of style with something like a Persian rug or exotic floor covering if the mood takes you. The beauty is that your timber will still keep its character even if it is not seen.

Another benefit is that you can deliver another look with the simple addition of a light, rich or dark timber stain. The choice of tone and tint is completely up to you and how you want to match or accentuate your furniture and other decor.

There’s also the chance to add a striking look of eye-catching whitewash floorboards, which can change the appearance of your home.

Extending the signature look of your home

In these days of making more with what you have and utilising as much of your space and assets as you can, it’s crucial to use every inch of your property.

This is where decking has distinct benefits that go beyond the visual beauty that it can add to your home.

In Australia, there is an abundance of sunlight and those areas with a sub-tropical climate offer more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Having an outdoor entertaining area gives you the ability to increase the livability of your home.

You can extend the overall decorative feel and style of your home from the interior through to the exterior. Nothing does it quite as effectively as bringing the timber look of your floorboards out into your garden with an eye-catching deck.

This continuity of stylishness can make all the difference to the appearance of your home and the atmosphere you create.

The power of a stylish decking

As with any addition to your home, there is always an advantage in going for quality rather than simply the cheapest option. This is just as important with your choice of decking.

Using high-grade timber that is appropriate for your particular climate will give you a longer-lasting and better deck.

The two most important ingredients of decking that you can use and enjoy for years to come are the quality of the build, its protection and consistent maintenance and care.

Just as the grade of wood that you choose needs to be of a high standard, so too does the quality of your timber products.

Making more of your timber for the future

The protection and rejuvenation of your timber flooring and decking are essential to you being able to enjoy the benefits that they bring.

Although your timber flooring gets used more and sees a higher level of foot traffic, it is your decking that is constantly vulnerable to the rigours of the weather.

This is precisely why you need to apply the best decking oil you can find and protect the timber of your deck against the damage done by water, dirt and mould. Another important thing to consider is the high UV that all areas of Australia experience.

Having that protective barrier against the elements and the effects of sunlight is the best possible way to ensure that you get the most value and use from your decking.

The advantage of a decking stain 

Using a wood stain is often overlooked in the whole process of adding a deck to the home.

Many people ask themselves, is it worth staining a deck? The simple answer is Yes, and the reasons go beyond having an appealing colour for your wood.

A quality deck stain can bring out all the character, warmth and beauty of the natural wood grain. This brings a whole new level of appeal to your outdoor entertaining area and allows you to create a specially styled-setting.

Due to their deep penetration into the wood, decking oils work well as a water repellent while providing great protection against mould and fungus.

It is the same story with your use of timber, wherever it is used inside or outside the home. To get the best out of both your flooring and decking, it makes sense to use the best possible timber and timber products at every step.

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