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Top up your Myki card on-the-go with new mobile app

April 8, 2017

Melbourne developer Long Zheng is improving the commute for every-day Victorians by releasing a new top-up app – MyPal. The app includes a simple top-up function many Victorian’s have spent years waiting for.

Zheng developed the app as an alternative to what he thought was Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) inconvenient top-up services.

Despite years of receiving requests from its users, PTV does not yet offer a mobile-friendly site or app for commuters to top up their Myki cards. The only instant top-up alternative available for commuters on-the-go is physical machines at selected public transport stations.

The PTV website only provides Myki top-ups with a 90-minute transaction time, frustrating commuters who need instant fund transfers to their cards.

While the PTV top-up website can be accessed on mobile phones, it requires the user to awkwardly tap, zoom and input text in tiny fields. Similarly to using the website on desktop, the mobile version also requires a 90-minutes wait before it is operational.

“I utilize public transport every day, and so do my friends. They are always complaining about topping up, how tough it is to use the website”, Zheng said.

The MyPal app provides an easy, quick and user-friendly way to top-up on the go. In addition to the top-up function, the app shows the card’s current balance, making it easier for commuters to keep track of their funds.

“[I thought] it would just be a lot simpler if they [could] do it from the app”, Zheng explained.

Unfortunately, the transactions are not yet instantaneous. It still takes 90 minutes for PTV’s servers to process the transaction and update the card. The issue of processing time is rooted in the Myki system and cannot be resolved until PTV speeds up their the process on their end.

“What [I’ve created] is a mobile variation of [PTV’s] site,

“Exactly what you take a look at, is all from the Myki website”, Zheng stated.

A spokesperson for PTV said that they are working on both shortening the top-up processing time and developing a mobile-friendly version of the webpage.

Mypal is currently available for download on Google Play (applicable to Android devices).

Apple has chosen not to list the MyPal app in its IOS store. According to Zheng, an Apple representative told him that they would authorize the app only if PTV officially supported it.

The MyPal app is currently available on Google Play.


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