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Founder of BuddingTech and The Medical Cannabis Council of Australia

March 26, 2018
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Adam completed his bachelors of Business Entrepreneurship at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Sweden’s Jönköping University for international business in 2009. Over the past seven years, Adam has worked in the field of disruptive innovation, with a specific focus on education and community building technology.

Adam will be speaking at Myriad this year in May. Myriad is a tech/startup event which is hosted in Brisbane, QLD. He will be one of the speakers in the Future of Health section. To find out more information about Budding Tech & to listen to Adam’s presentation, secure a ticket here

Myriad is an event in QLD which fosters interactions between international communities and across industries. Myriad catalyses innovation and investment opportunities for businesses of all sizes from startups to scale-ups. If you would like to find out more information about this event, head to their website here.

In 2015, Adam became involved in the medical cannabis space due to his passion for the medicine and belief in innovation stimulating its growth. In 2016, Adam founded BuddingTech, Australia’s first medical cannabis innovation coordination program.

As CEO of BuddingTech, Adam has worked tirelessly developing networks and collaborations, including the facilitation and management of three student research projects on medical cannabis in conjunction with the University of Sydney Business School and MGC Pharmaceuticals, producing Australia’s first Medical Cannabis White Paper. With strong connections in the startup ecosystem and the medical cannabis industry, Adam recently hosted Australia’s first medical cannabis innovation event ‘Seedlings’.

Additionally, Adam also founded the Medical Cannabis Council, Australia’s first national industry body to represent the medical cannabis industry in Australia. The Mission of the Medical Cannabis Council is to create a unifying voice for the medical cannabis industry in Australia, facilitating a framework of best practice and supporting the positioning of Australia as a world leader in research and production of safe, scientifically backed medical cannabis products.

Talk – The Rising Tide of Medical Cannabis

Set to be worth more than $55.8 billion in under 10 years, Medical cannabis is unquestionably an emerging growth industry, but are you up to speed on the latest industry knowledge? Research has already shown that cannabis can be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, depression and many more conditions. You will hear from a patient that, despite such findings, patient access is bound by red tape, and what can be done to increase access.

For almost 80 years cannabis has been classified as a prohibited substance in Australia, preventing millions from exploring its potential therapeutic use. However, over the last decade, there has been a paradigm shift towards cannabis as a medicine. In January 2018 shares prices across the ASX more than doubled as the Australian market opened up for export. Australia’s landscape is evolving quickly, but still faces several channels.

Adam’s talk will explore how and why medical cannabis legislation and regulations have evolved in Australia and around the world over the past decade and the challenges and opportunities which currently face doctors, patients, growers, researchers and other members from across the supply chain. Additionally, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the emerging political/economic trends, research focuses,  investments opportunities within the medical cannabis industry.

Charlotte refers to herself as a digital student with a competitive edge. Charlotte’s passion for digital marketing keeps her motivated and continuously learning.

Currently, working as an SEO assistant, improving data and website services for customers by using advanced analytics, managing keywords, creating written content and keeping local search engines up to date.

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