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Early education meets coding

November 19, 2017

Within the last few years, early education has introduced “coding” and has become the key to the future for both children and adults, not just in Australia but all over the world. When I was at primary school, touch typing just became a new trending subject – now it’s learning how to design apps and learn computer programming.

Primary schools are bringing in the new curriculum based on the knowledge that computer programming is not only a fun and exciting activity but a necessary skill for the jobs of the future. When it comes to coding though, it seems only the children whose parents can afford it are learning. Coding was introduced in the UK as part of the primary and secondary school curriculum several years ago.

England is the first country in the world to make computer programming a required school subject at all levels. According to the curriculum strategies, from the minute they commence school at the average age of five, to when they complete their first set of exams, children will be learning to code, from understanding simple algorithms to using programming languages to solve computational troubles.

Muhammad Hamza Shahzad is a coding success story at just seven years old, as the world’s youngest qualified computer programmer. Handsworth has passed the exams and has the paperwork to leave primary school and get a job in IT.

Muhammad was taught skills by dad, who of course has a background in IT. Muhammad was deemed a unique talent at his primary school when he became the world’s youngest Microsoft Office Professional last year, aged six.

It is evident that helping children understand the technology they are using, is only one benefit to introducing coding into an early education curriculum. Many people, such as Clare Sutcliffe the founder of Code Club, believe these skills are for life. This type of learning also has the potential to create a shift in the way we use and perceive technology.

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