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Adding Wow Factor to Your Brand

February 28, 2023

Every company wants to know that they have something special to offer their target market, but what is it, and how can that point of difference be promoted effectively?

That’s where branding and highlighting a unique selling point can make all the difference. That difference means standing out from everyone else or being lost in the crowd.

Finding that ‘something special’ can be rewarding for your business and the way you brand yourselves, as well as giving you a chance to focus your attention on what matters most.

Too many companies lose track of who they are and what they are offering because they have fallen back into a comfort zone that all is well because they are getting sales.

That can be a dangerous and often disastrous road to take because that complacency can often come back to bite you.

Getting the wow factor right now

If you are looking for something that sets you apart from your competitors, then you need to compare yourself with them first.

Are you the only Australian-owned and operated company in your field?

Do you offer a custom-made service?

Is your team the best reason for people to choose you?

If you are proudly Australian-owned and want the focus to be on this, then it’s a great idea to market yourself with that as a key highlight in everything you do.

This is when you can choose quality promotional products in Australia to showcase how you back up your words with actions.

There is no point being ‘proudly Australian’, and yet all the products you produce and the promotional gifts and products are from overseas. That is just putting doubt into the minds of your target audience and will be a clear turnoff for most of them.

Finding your niche

Australian made promotional productsIt is often not enough just to be a broadly appealing company or brand. Sometimes that special niche promotional aspect of what you do is the key to your promotional success.

Let’s take the example of the Australian-made and proudly owned company and break that down into a more nuanced version.

Maybe there are a dozen companies in your field that are all Aussie owned and operated.

What if there were only three that were Melbourne based and had a true local flavour?

As one of those three, you might be the first to show that Melbourne was a key to why you are successful.

Your website could use the skills of expert SEO marketing to promote you as a Melbourne business, and your local SEO would reflect that too.

Maybe you decide to promote your brand in a Melbourne-centric way, such as with special events like offering a Melbourne showbag or a Cup weekend special.

This promotional campaign could even go one step further and include a specific area or suburb. The choice is yours, but it’s important to have that niche.

Making more of your profile

There is no better way to market yourself than to have a cohesive approach to everything you do to promote who you are and what you offer.

If your SEO is showcasing you as a specialist with a high-quality product or service, then your social media, marketing and ad campaigns need to be of that same standard.

Too often, a brand will suffer from a disjointed approach to its marketing, where they are saying one thing on one stream of advertising and a different thing on others. Sometimes it can be as many as three or four conflicting stories of style, brand voice and standard of content.

You wouldn’t go to a party and introduce yourself in three or four different ways to people. Whilst you may say different things and cover different topics in conversation, your personality will shine through in all of them.

Just think for a minute and picture being someone with different ways of talking, different voices and different stories to who they are.

You don’t want your brand to fall into that trap and be confusing and hard to trust.

Your own team as your own best assets

There is nothing stronger than having your own employees be proud of where they work and what they do.

One of the most common questions asked is “What do you do?” and this is when people can hesitate. They might be coy or off-handed about what they do, but if they are proud to work somewhere, then they won’t hesitate to share it.

The answer could be an enthusiastic response like, “Oh, I work for this really good company called ***”. Then the enquirer will ask about the company, and it is always inspiring to hear the response continue with a glowing review of what the team is like and what the company does.

That makes a huge impact and will be more memorable for those that hear it. This is often up there with great word of mouth as the best and strongest advertising.

Having a team as a key to your brand

One of the most valuable assets of any company is a team that works together well and is proud of the company they work for and what they do there.

It’s often hard to bring a team together, especially with conflicting personalities and egos.

One way to build a team that has confidence in each other is to look at what they do outside of the four walls of the workplace.

Maybe there is a team sport that most of the colleagues enjoy. This could be anything from a basketball team to a lawn bowls group.

Now imagine that the team is sponsored by the company and all fitted out with custom basketball jerseys and has each employee’s name on their back (as well as the company itself. Suddenly, these are no longer just basketball jerseys; these are moving billboards that have your brand name working for you outside of regular advertising streams.

This is when a team can seem to have a special quality above their rivals, and your brand goes one step further than your competitors.

There are many ways to bring that all-important Wow factor to your brand.

Whether it’s the best SEO, promotional products, email marketing or a combination of everything you do to reach your target market, make it go Wow!

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