How Technology is Changing Gaming

How Technology is Changing Gaming

Gaming is a huge $75 Billion industry worldwide and gamers are constantly looking for the next big trend and the latest technology. Gaming is becoming integrated into the everyday lives of 1.8 billion people worldwide and as technology has changed from basic consoles and PC’s to super advanced specifically designed computers and a multitude of accessories. With technology developing faster than ever before and the emergence of new gadgets, we can only expect gaming to further flourish and be reinvigorated. The most notable technologies that are impacting gaming are:

Augmented Reality: AR combines the real world with the virtual world, kids have thoroughly enjoyed the fun of another layer of excitement on everyday life, and adults have discovered the joys of AR particularly in gaming. AR allows the seamless fusion of virtual gaming in a real-life setting bringing gaming to life. As investment continues to escalate in AR, we expect to see it become more mainstream and new gaming possibilities.

Virtual Reality: VR is still in its emerging stages and seems to be a long-term project that needs time to become perfect. More and more companies are coming out with VR headsets and even though the average gamer does not own a VR headset, enhanced headset technology and publicity has generated interest.

Artificial Intelligence: you’re probably sick of acronyms by now but AI is a game changer, specifically in the gaming world which is considered a leader, with other industries learning and emulating from gaming. In the mid-1980’s gamers began exploring AI characters and developing their emotional capabilities and interactivity. Most games are built to convey a certain level of natural interactivity through scripted algorithms, but immediate investments are facilitating actual machine learning to gain control.

Mobility: it seems like mobile devices suddenly popped up out of no-where and have dominated our lives, this is no different in the gaming world as games adapt to incorporate mobile usage. Mobile is a fast-growing area of gaming as it aims to extend gaming beyond the home. While serious players prefer the full features of PC, mobile devices can transform into detachable controllers that complement the game and allow single and multiplayer games that imitate PC and console usage.

Wireless technology: wireless technology has eliminated the frustrations of tangles and clutter to deliver efficiency and high performance in gaming. Gamers have been torn over the better performance of wired accessories and the convenience of wireless, but now you can have both with modern keyboards and mice employing the latest Bluetooth and wireless connectivity technology delivering speeds and performance that beats wired accessories.

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